Survey and Land Record

Various process in Sivagangai District are Land Records are digitalization of FMS, Natham and Town Computerisation, Maintenance Computerized Land Records and online patta transfer.

Online Patta Transfer:

Online patta transfer is carried out in Sivaganga District from 1.11.2015 and application is being received at E-seva Centre, Co-op Societies. Full field records are proceeded by VAO and Subdivision cases are proceeded by Maintainance Firka Surveyor and order are passed accordingly and changes are being carried out simultaneously. As digitalization is going on for FMB and other records mutation will be automatically effected in records in the near future.

From 12.02.2018 registration is also under online and software is being prepared for E-transfer of such cases through online.

Computerization of Land Records:

Digitilization of FMS

Sivaganga District Comprises of 9 Taluks Sivagangai, Kalayarkoil, Ilayankudi, Manamadurai, Thiruppuvanam, Devakottai, Karaikudi, Thiruppathur and Singampunari. 39 Firkas and 521 Revenue Villages out of 521 villages in a taluks. 1,47,556 FMB’S have been computerized so far out of 1,53,801 records is nearing completion. Out of 1,47,556 records computerized, approval has been made for 1,42,025 cases and action is being taken to approve the balance cases expeditiously.

Computerization of Natham Records :

Out of 4,68,639 cases in 9 taluks were verified in computer and has been sent to VAO’s for rectification of records/missing entries and is also nearing completion. On completion of this work, public can access this through online.

Computerization of Town Survey Records:

In Sivaganga District there are 3 Towns(Viz) Sivaganga, Devakottai and Karaikudi.

CORS:(Continiously Operating Reference Station)

The process of surveying accurately is carried out through the process of CORS(Continiously Operating Reference Station) with the help of the technical instrument that is DGPS and ETS on pilot basis in Kanyakumarai District using CORS technology, DGPS and ETS.

LRMC:(Land Records Management Centre)

In Sivagangai District Land Records Management Centre is Sivagangai and Tirupattur Taluk have been selected and records are being preserved and functioning. The above process are to be extended for other 7 taluks.