BC and MBC Welfare

The Secretary to Government is heading the Department of BCs, MBCs and Minorities Welfare at the Govt level. At the State Level the Commissioner of BCs is implementing Various Welfare Schemes for BCs. The Director of MBCs and DNCs is implementing for MBCs and DNCs Welfare Schemes. The Commissioner of Minorities is implementing various Minorities Schemes.

At the District Level, under the direct control of the District Collectors the District BCs and Minorities Welfare Officers are implementing the following Welfare Schemes for BCs, MBCs and Minorities.

Name of the Schemes :

  1. Supply of Iron Boxes
  2. Distribution of Scholarships
  3. Incentive Schemes for MBC/DNC Rural Girls Students
  4. Hostels
  5. Awards and Prizes
  6. Reputed Schools Top Ten Students
  7. Supply Of Bi-Cycles
  8. Supply Of Sewing Machines