Adi-Dravidar Welfare

The Government is Implementing Various Welfare Schemes for the Educational, Economical and Social upliftment of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribals. The majority of the Adi Dravidar and Tribal population or economically Backward and Socially marginalized. Most of the Families lack resources and their access to Education, Employment and Other Income -Earning opportunities are limited. The Government provides Scholarships, Hostels facilities, Bicycles for the Educational advancement of Students of these Communities. The Govt also runs GTR Schools for the Educational upliftment of the ST Community. In order to promote livelihood opportunities of the poor of these Communities. The Govt Implements Schemes such as distribution of Sewing Machines, Iron Box, House Sites through the Tamilnadu Adi Dravidar Welfare Department further the Govt provides various Social Welfare Assistance to the People of SC / ST Communities through Welfare board Constituted for the Communities.


  1. Free Bording and lodging
  2. Mats and Bed Sheets
  3. Special Meals Fees
  4. Private Subsidy Hostels
  5. Admissions of VI Std
  6. Admissions of 11th Std
  7. Text Books and Note Books
  8. Scholarship along with maintenance allowance for higher Education
  9. Special Guides and Question Bank
  10. Free House Patta
  11. Provision of drinking water Facilities
  12. National merit Scholarship for 10th and 12th Students

Adi Dravidar Welfare Schools

Sl. NO. Name of the Schools Place
1 Govt ADW Primary School Athikaram
2 Govt ADW Primary School Unjanai
3 Govt ADW Primary School Mallal
4 Govt ADW High School Athikaram
5 Govt ADW High School Unjanai
6 Govt ADW Higher Secondary School Mallal